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super ceny ubytovania

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Jakubovany - Accommodation - Slovakia

We offer you to find accommodation in the region of: Jakubovany



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Chata Pečivár Jakubovany

GB Bottom of The Western Tatras, between the Žiarska and Račková Valley. The facility offers for t he whole year the accommodation and alimentation whith capacity of 40 places in four rooms with washbasin. Toilettes and showers are common. Day bar, playground for children, opened fire place, ...

Chata 66 Jakubovany

Cottage capacity is 9 beds in 3 bedrooms (at the ground floor 2 beds bedroom, at the upper floor 3 and 4 beds bedrooms with the the possibility of extention for a kid up to age 4 - free of charge). The heating consist of fireplace with warm air pipes divided into all of the rooms. There is a possibi...

Privát Porubän Jakubovany





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