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Ľubeľa - Accommodation - Slovakia

We offer you to find accommodation in the region of: Ľubeľa



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Privát Zdeno Bubniak Ľubela

Accommodation in house, with home people, extra entrace for guests. Kapacity: 12 beds / 4 bedrooms /11 beds and 1 extra bed/ Description: 1thfloor: 1 double room, bathroom with bath,shower and toilet 1 meeting room with dinning-corner and TVm a TV 1 kitchen gas-elektric-cooker, fridge, ...

Privát Andrea Ľubeľa

There is a bedroom with twins and extending sofa with capacity 2 beds and 2 extra beds. You can spend your free time in the living room with fire and TV-SAT. Another extending sofa offers 2 extra beds. ...

Silvia privát Ľubeľa

Privát Peter Bubniak Ľubela

Apartmánový dom 18 Ľubeľa





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